We assist our customers in identifying, assessing and managing their most critical risks. We enhance their business performance by assessing and advising on safety, quality, technology, business and sustainability aspects. We certify or verify compliance and drive new standards and best practices within five markets: maritime, oil and gas, energy, business assurance, and software.


Meeting extraordinary challenges

In 2016, the maritime industry faced a year of extraordinary challenges. Low freight rates, consolidation, tight financing, reduced contracting and new regulations forced adaptation and tough choices on every player in virtually every segment. In this environment, DNV GL looked for new ways to help customers succeed.

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Oil & Gas

Driving Efficiency for the long term

As our customers adapt to the new reality of “lower for longer” oil and gas prices and highly volatile world energy markets, we provide support by helping them to identify cost savings and still remain safe and sustainable for the long term.

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Driving the energy transition

Solar and wind energy became price competitive in 2016, pushing the energy transition forward. Larger flows of renewable energy, digitalization and the electrification of transport, industry and households make power networks more complex. We help the energy industry to manage the complexity of this fast-changing environment.

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Business Assurance

Sustainable assurance to build trust

The need for independent third-party assurance continues to grow - driven by stakeholder demands, legislation and increasingly complex and global value chains. DNV GL continues to partner with companies operating with trade in all forms to build trust and respond to demands for more sustainable operations.

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The digital paradigm shift

Advances in information technology are continuing to shift the way systems and networks are organized in the industries we serve. In 2016, we started to fundamentally change the way our software solutions are delivered by adopting integrated digital asset ecosystems.

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