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Sustainable assurance to build trust

The need for independent third-party assurance continues to grow - driven by stakeholder demands, legislation and increasingly complex and global value chains. DNV GL continues to partner with companies operating with trade in all forms to build trust and respond to demands for more sustainable operations.

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Sustainable solutions

Consumers and other stakeholders are increasingly demanding sustainable operations, and these may soon be the only way for companies to create value. DNV GL helps customers build sustainable business performance while meeting the world’s social, environmental and economic needs.

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Contributing to the world’s food security

As a world-leading certification body, we continue to work with over 10,000 food & beverage companies worldwide. In addition, we work with companies to assure the sustainability of their products.

Our services are applied to our customers’ manufacturing plants and entire supply chains, all the way to the farms both on land and at sea. The ability to assure enough food for all is about increasing production, but also requires a supply of food that is safe for everyone to eat and produced in a sustainable way.

Water management projects to reduce the use of water in production

We continue to work with customers on specific water management projects to benchmark and reduce the use of water in their production in both the food industry and other industries, such as the electronics industry.

Supporting the aquaculture sector

Seafood will be a main source of protein in the future. This means preserving existing sources in the wild while growing, responsibly, the farmed ones. We continue to work with customers in the aquaculture sector and fisheries to assure safety and sustainability throughout the supply chain. 

Services in this sector now range from fish farm equipment certification (NYTEK regulations) to food safety, environmental sustainability and chain of custody traceability, such as certification to the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and GlobalGAP standards.

In the wild-catch sector, we continue to be a trusted partner through the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), helping our customers to assure and communicate, in a transparent way, that the products reaching consumers stem from sustainable sources.

Helping customers to build more sustainable operations

We work with 80,000 customers to help assure the performance of their processes, products, facilities and supply chains, and help them to continually improve and gradually build more sustainable operations. This is primarily through our management system certification services, but also through our verification, product assurance, supply chain management and training services.

With our customers, we address quality, environmental and safety aspects and fraud and corruption, as well as ethical aspects in their production (ethical supply chain audits, SA8000), sourcing (FSC, sustainable fisheries, sustainable supply chain certification) and other consumer-oriented certification schemes. In 2016, we also launched an app called SustainableI® directed towards consumers with the aim of creating awareness of their carbon and water footprints.