Driving the energy transition

Solar and wind energy became price competitive in 2016, pushing the energy transition forward. Larger flows of renewable energy, digitalization and the electrification of transport, industry and households make power networks more complex. We help the energy industry to manage the complexity of this fast-changing environment.

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Sustainable solutions

Decarbonization of the energy sector is the mainstream of our energy services. Renewables are attracting investors, creating jobs and connecting people to electricity globally. We help our customers to develop, operate and maintain renewable energy projects, keep the grids operational and manage the use of energy by inspecting, testing and certifying products and by running climate action and energy saving programmes.

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Safe, reliable and sustainable supply of energy

In power generation, investments in renewables are increasing, and wind and solar PV generate power at competitive price levels. We help numerous customers around the globe to develop renewable energy projects. By playing an active role in industry associations, committees and working groups, we help to develop international standards to guarantee a safe, reliable and sustainable supply of energy. We also provide technical and management advisory services, like to Parc Cynog solar farm in Wales.

Supporting renewable energy projects

In some countries, more people work in renewables than in oil and gas. Including large-scale hydropower, the number of jobs is being estimated at 10 million. Most jobs are in solar PV, followed by wind. By supporting renewable energy projects, including the construction, operation and maintenance of generation assets, we create jobs for highly skilled people. With the acquisition of GreenPowerMonitor, we now employ 150 solar experts and are one of the largest independent solar service providers. This includes monitoring and control of 6 GW of solar generation globally.

Implementing cyber-security measures

The penetration of new renewables into the grid is becoming significant, challenging the industry to maintain the quality and security of supply. We help our customers to update their data acquisition and energy management systems to deal with the grid’s changing behaviour. 

As digitalization moves on, systems are becoming more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. We help our customers to secure their operations by implementing cyber-security measures and tested equipment.

Singapore-based smart energy community testbed

Inspired by our PowerMatching City project, we partner with external stakeholders to participate in and gain knowledge and experience of developing a Singapore-based smart energy community testbed in a university campus. The testbed gives insights into smart-grid technologies’ and concepts’ impact on communities and sustainable energy end-use.

Supporting energy efficiency in Massachusetts

We support the US state of Massachusetts in running its energy efficiency programme, which has over 11 million participants, to achieve energy efficiency savings and maximize the economic and environmental benefits. In the EU, we support the industry in implementing Article 8 of the Energy Directive, leading to energy savings on an industry level.

Tools to examine climate action planning measures

In California in the US, we run an award-winning energy saving and climate action programme. We have developed and maintain several tools to examine climate action planning measures, including methodologies for calculating each measure’s costs, benefits and greenhouse gas emission reductions. The project has already reported an overall decrease in county-wide emissions of 6.1% from 2005 to 2013.