Enabling our digital transformation

Trust and expertise are at the core of our relationship with customers and stakeholders. We have a strong company culture, and our people upheld and delivered on these key attributes through challenging market conditions and downsizing. We prioritize to develop digital competence across the company and with the establishment of our new business area Digital Solutions, we have strengthened our digital offering to customers.

Targets and results

We want to be a company which attracts, retains and further develops competent people who are committed to our purpose, vision and values. A high-quality recruitment process, along with an attractive employee value proposition and varied capability and career opportunities, is crucial to attract, engage and retain our people. We want to be ‘the best place to develop your competence.’

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Our role as a professional service provider and source of expertise relies on the knowledge and skills of our people. We strive to foster a company culture with people who are committed to our purpose, vision and values.

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Despite the continued difficult markets, we are investing in our digital transformation and taking positions to keep the company strong in the future.

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