We assist our customers in identifying, assessing and managing their most critical risks. We enhance their business performance by assessing and advising on safety, quality, technology, business and sustainability aspects. We certify or verify compliance and drive new standards, best practices and digital ecosystems within five markets: maritime, oil and gas, energy, business assurance, and digital solutions.


Modern Class

In 2018, the maritime industry continued to rebound as vessel ordering and transport demand increased. On the regulatory side, the new IMO greenhouse gas reduction strategy put the challenge of decarbonizing shipping front and centre. At DNV GL, we helped customers navigate these new waters while enhancing safety and sustainability.

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Oil & Gas

Enabling efficiency and decarbonization

Oil and gas activity started to pick up in 2018 as projects were redsigned for lower break-even points. To support efficient investment, DNV GL helped customers to retain their focus on cost-efficiency, safety and sustainability amid the energy transition.

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Smarter power supply

Electricity demand is set to more than double by 2050, and solar PV and wind power will supply most of that electricity. The increasing variability of energy supply will lead to a need for smarter energy systems with greater flexibility and storage. We help customers to manage risks throughout their project lifecycle, advising on the flexible integration of renewables, infrastructure resilience, the use of sensor-derived data, and new and emerging technologies for storage and interconnectivity between grids.

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Business Assurance

Taking a lead in digital assurance

Businesses are facing rapid change, digital transformation and increased complexity entailing a growing need for assurance services. Companies are increasingly expected to manage their value chains and communicate reliable and sustainable performance to stakeholders and consumers. The ways to manage performance and assurance solutions are evolving to enable the right type of communication and build the necessary trust.

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Digital Solutions

Building data and software ecosystems

Digital Solutions was formed as a new business area in 2017, and includes our software house. However, it only became operational from January 2018, so this annual review focuses exclusively on our 2017 software business.

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Sustainable innovations

Our impact on sustainability is greatest in the services we provide to our customers. The following stories are some of the ways we innovate in partnership with our customers and how we contribute to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.

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