Digital Solutions

Building data and software ecosystems

Digital Solutions was formed as a new business area in 2017, and includes our software house. However, it only became operational from January 2018, so this annual review focuses exclusively on our 2017 software business.

Veracity – ready for scale

Veracity, DNV GL’s data platform and adaptive industry ecosystem, was developed together with customers and partners throughout 2018 to be ready for the full-scale onboarding of applications, users and data, and has advanced to the stage of general availability. Veracity drives down the cost of innovation and collaboration as well as the cost of deploying new services and solutions. 

The platform provides secure connectivity between industry players, linking asset owners and operators with domain experts and data scientists and enabling the exchange of datasets, APIs, applications and insights. Customers are in key industries such as shipping, offshore, pipeline and renewables. DNV GL provides multiple services to its customers through Veracity.

Facts about Veracity

By the end of 2018, a total of 150 000 users from thousands of companies – with 1.2 million service subscriptions – were accessing applications, services and data through the platform. The Veracity ecosystem is growing in terms of providers, digital services, activated users and subscriptions. It now houses 167 operational services provided by DNV GL as well as numerous external service providers.

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Moving to the cloud with Software-as-a-Service

Digital Solutions is accelerating the transition towards software-as- a-service (SaaS) solutions to give customers the flexibility, power and insights from advanced analytics in a way that is user-friendly at all levels of the organization. 

Synergi Life – our quality, health, safety and environment software – was one of our first software solutions to transition to SaaS. 80% of new Synergi Life customers prefer the SaaS version over the on-premise solution. We see the same pattern for existing customers who are upgrading their software. 

The combination of transitioning to a SaaS solution and integrating with Veracity, DNV GL’s data management platform, allows for data capture, sharing and analysis. This permits new business models and safety insights that can improve the value and relevance for our customers. Synergi Life is also gaining traction in new markets, such as food safety, hospitality and sports.

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Pipeline – momentum in the market

Synergi Pipeline provides an enterprise solution for risk and other integrity-related analysis. Risk is used to prioritize all aspects of our customers’ business, with the ultimate goal of ensuring public safety and environmental protection. Synergi Pipeline enables a transparent view of risk across the organization, providing a single source of truth for the current condition of assets. 

Synergi Pipeline is also transitioning to SaaS. Synergi Pipeline’s most recent release supports cloud deployment for the first time, enabling insights based on integrity analytics. 

In 2018, three major US distribution utilities signed SaaS contracts. In addition, a dozen current customers inquired about future SaaS options. This shows considerable momentum for cloud-based technology in the pipeline ecosystem. Once the largest utilities in the market shift to cloud solutions, smaller players will become confident about choosing SaaS.

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Sesam for offshore wind and aquaculture

Sesam, our offshore structural engineering tool, has been upgraded to include support for the complete analysis of floating wind turbine and floating fish cage structures. This covers all stages of their lifecycle, including transportation, installation and decommissioning. Our product for fixed offshore wind structures is now offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, enabling customers to efficiently perform computationally demanding simulations. 

During 2018, Sesam strengthened its position as market leader in the analysis of support structures for offshore wind turbines, both fixed and floating. The market demand for tools for fixed and floating offshore wind and aquaculture constructions is strong, especially in Europe and East Asia, where we have gained many new customers.

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Strengthening our renewables ecosystem

A renewables ecosystem was formed by moving the renewables software products team from Energy to the Digital Solutions business area. Bladed is a world-leading onshore and offshore wind turbine aero-elastic loading and design software that provides machinery optimization and design confidence to hundreds of wind turbine manufacturers and their customers. It is now combined with the existing renewables software business and its expertise with DNV GL’s broad scientific and risk assessment computing technology. This substantially expands synergies, accelerating the digitalization of renewables services to meet the needs of a decarbonizing world. 

The team recently launched new wind and solar farm project design and assessment software, WindFarmerAnalyst and SolarFarmer, providing new value to project developers and introducing synergies with our existing DNV GL electric grid portfolio. 

The renewables ecosystem complements the growing portfolio of digital services offered through Veracity, presenting opportunities for DNV GL to combine datasets and solutions to enhance existing offerings, develop innovative new services and reach new markets.

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Digital transformation of healthcare

Public and private healthcare systems face immense challenges driven by demographic changes, rapid technology developments and the scarcity of health workers. Digital transformation is viewed as a key response. The Digital Health Incubator focuses its efforts on the Norwegian and Nordic markets to build DNV GL’s recognition and credibility in the healthcare domain. 

DNV GL’s independent role, based on competence, technology and experience from other industry sectors, lends itself to assisting and enabling healthcare’s digital transformation. Our data management, quality, governance, risk and security competence are highly relevant and effective in healthcare as we take on a trusted role for sharing and disseminating present and future health data. 

DNV GL’s research and development efforts in precision medicine are helping to enable the adoption of clinical genetics in healthcare. Our efforts to deal with fundamental challenges to the healthcare system include data maturity assessments, penetration testing services and collaborative research enabling the clinical use of precision medicine.

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