Environment and climate

Reducing our climate impact

Reducing our climate impact is part of the commitment to continually improve our environmental sustainability.

Why it matters

Climate action is a critical task for society. It is also a priority for DNV GL. Reducing our climate impact is part of the commitment to continually improve our environmental sustainability. It is embedded in our purpose, ‘to safeguard life, property and the environment’, and in our vision ‘to deliver Global impact for a safe and sustainable future’. This ensures that we safeguard the environment and climate, and comply with regulations and our stakeholders’ expectations. We are carbon neutral and have offset our emissions for our offices, laboratories and travel in 2018. 

We aim to deliver safer, smarter and greener performance in everything we do. We offer many sustainable services to our customers, and they in turn expect us to reduce our environmental impact.

Progress in 2018

Our Group strategy 2015–2020 included a commitment to become carbon neutral. We acheived this in 2018 and have reduced our emissions with verified carbon offsets from First Climate. We have contributed to the Isangi REDD+ project, the Rainforest Community project and to efficient cooking stoves.
2018 is the second year we have reported greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from offices, laboratories and business travel for 100% of DNV GL employees. Our reporting is based on measurements of environmental substances and estimations where direct measurements are not available. Emissions from rail travel are reported for the first time this year.
We have established initiatives to tackle our three main GHG emission sources. These include restrictions on non-customer related air travel, managing our company car fleet to reduce emissions and our Green office plan to reduce emissions from our offices through green building certification and reducing floor space – and therefore energy use – per employee .
We also set environmental goals in key countries to support our Group-wide goals and objectives.

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Looking ahead

During 2019, we will work on programmes that further reduce GHG emissions from our main sources: travel by air and car, and emissions from offices and laboratories. Our green office plan will be introduced in 2019 and the car fleet management programme will continue in 2019 (see the sustainable procurement section for details on these programmes).

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Our purpose and vision promote environmental protection and we aim to develop a culture that delivers safer, smarter, greener performance in everything we do. Part of this is continuously reducing the environmental and climate impact of our own operations and those of our customers (see also sustainable innovations).
As a signatory to the UN Global Compact, we take a precautionary approach to managing our environmental and climate aspects. Our Code of Conduct also states our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, procurement, investment and property management.

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