Digital Solutions

Digital excellence in data and software

In 2019, Digital Solutions completed its second full year of operation, helping customers realize opportunities and manage risks associated with digital transformation. Throughout the year, Digital Solutions continued working towards its strategic ambition to be leading global and trusted provider of software solutions, data analytics and platform services.


Digital Solutions made significant strides with its digital platform, Veracity, in 2019. Veracity facilitates secure connectivity between industry players – driving business innovation and digital transformation. The Veracity team has worked throughout 2019 to increase industry collaboration and the capturing, storing and sharing of data, as well as offering an open marketplace for services, data and analytics.

In 2019, Veracity and the provider Arundo Analytics partnered with Klaveness to help them realize greater operational efficiencies. The Veracity data platform and ecosystem of service providers are used to unlock thousands of potential data points on board the Klaveness fleet. In addition, Veracity launched 360-degree image storage. Klaveness now uses these images for verification of fleet-wide cargo hold conditions when switching between wet and dry cargo.

The Veracity Marketplace, which enables internal and external customers to sell their products via Veracity, experienced strong uptake in 2019. Veracity collaborated with OREDA (Offshore & Onshore Reliability Data) in 2019 to make oil and gas industry reliability data more accessible and efficient.

Vast amounts of offshore and onshore reliability data were made available through Veracity, as OREDA provided access to its new and updated electronic version on the Veracity Marketplace. DNV GL’s own Oil & Gas business area has made its Oil & Gas Recommended Practices and Standards available on the Veracity Marketplace. Digital Solutions also signed an agreement with China-based, world-leading wind turbine provider Goldwind in 2019 to offer the company’s Load Portal service on the Veracity Marketplace.

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Golden anniversary for Sesam

In 2019, DNV GL’s Sesam software celebrated 50 years of supporting the design, optimization and strength of ship and offshore structures. Sesam has continued to evolve throughout its lifespan and, in September 2019, Digital Solutions launched Sesam Insight, the first cloud-based Sesam product. This product is the first from Digital Solutions’ ‘Structure’ ecosystem to utilize cloud technology. Sesam Insight enables a new level of collaboration in offshore engineering by offering shared access to 3D analysis models.

In 2019, Sesam’s Cloud Compute service for offshore wind successfully impacted the industry by enabling multiple design iterations per day. Before Cloud Compute, this task would have required two to three days for a typical set of design load cases for a fatigue analysis. Analysis results obtained using Sesam’s Cloud Compute Services can then be shared and collaborated on through Sesam Insight. In 2019, Sesam reported a significant increase in usage related to offshore wind.

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Strides for renewables in wind and solar markets

In 2019, Digital Solutions launched its SolarFarmer software in Europe and the US and made it commercially available world-wide. The SolarFarmer software enables the more accurate and efficient modelling, design and analysis of solar photovoltaic plants, particularly in complex terrains. Digital Solutions also had a major release of its WindFarmer: Analyst software in 2019. This allows customers to perform end-to-end wind resource energy assessments. The WindFarmer: Analyst software was made available on Veracity Marketplace during the year as well, making it the first Digital Solutions software to be sold directly from Veracity.

Throughout 2019, the development teams behind Bladed and Sesam increased their collaboration to target the offshore wind turbine market. This partnership will continue in 2020, with a focused campaign to highlight software solutions for customers entering and/or growing their offshore wind turbine portfolio.

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ShipManager moves to the cloud

Digital Solutions continued its focus on advancing its software for the Maritime industry. In November 2019, the company presented its cloud-based ShipManager software. The first module to be offered to the market was ShipManager Procurement, with more modules to come in 2020 and beyond. This software is part of DNV GL’s ambition to develop modern cloud solutions for managing fleets, while also enabling an updated and modern user experience and fleet overview. The solutions are built on the latest technology, web-based and cloud-ready, with easy device accessibility. In 2019, Digital Solutions also released a new analytics module for ShipManager and a mobile QHSE inspection app for online and offline use. Throughout the year, Digital Solutions closed ShipManager and Navigator contracts covering 971 vessels.

Digital Solutions also secured a contract with Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd in 2019, which was the largest-ever order for its Navigator Port software, covering installation on 650 vessels.

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Cyber Security for critical infrastructure

DNV GL is an independent advisor on cyber security, offering a wide range of domain knowledge for IT and control system security. Cyber Security Services in Digital Solutions has consolidated business in 2019, preparing for significant growth in 2020 and onwards. Risk management, security governance, compliance assessments and security testing are key disciplines within this area.

In 2019, the Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) of Norway requested independent studies to help them optimize their ICT security work relating to the Norwegian oil and gas industry. DNV GL won the contract and, by November 2019, the team had delivered thorough reports from a cross-BA team. This team was led by Cyber Security Services, with significant contributions from other business areas.

In 2019, DNV GL also announced that Digital Solutions has signed an agreement to conduct cyber security certification assessments as an ISO/IEC 17065 accredited ISASecure certification body. This made DNV GL the third certification body within the ISASecure certification programme in South East Asia.

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Digital Health in the Nordics

Healthcare represents one of the world’s largest sectors. Demographic trends make current delivery models unsustainable. DNV GL believes that the necessary transformation towards becoming a sustainable sector can be enabled by digital technologies, powered by the extensive and intelligent use of data.

In Digital Solutions, this is referred to as ‘digital health’ and it is considered a new growth position for the company. Digital Solutions has established an incubator that focuses on the Nordic healthcare sector, starting with Norway. Norway aims to create a ‘learning healthcare system’ in which digitalization is a prerequisite for a more patient-driven approach. The Digital Solutions digital health incubator has explored roles and associated assurance services as an independent trust enabler, facilitating sharing and use of health data. The sharing of sensitive health data raises issues around privacy, security, standardization, data management and quality; areas where DNV GL has strong competence.

In 2019, Digital Solutions initiated testing of Variant Exchange, a service that enables medical genetics laboratories to share DNA variant classification data with trusted partners. Data sharing will improve safety for patients and lead to efficiency gains in the laboratories. This is the first time this kind of data has been routinely shared by clinical laboratories across borders.

In partnership with Crayon AS and Inmeta, Digital Solutions entered into an exclusive framework agreement with Norsk Helsenett SF to deliver public cloud services over the next six years. Norsk Helsenett SF is a Norwegian state-owned enterprise under the Ministry of Health and Care Services, entrusted with modernizing Norway’s ICT infrastructure for the health and care service sectors. As a partner in this agreement, DNV GL will work to ensure the viability and sustainability of cloud-based solutions, as well as to identify and reduce risks.

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