Research and Innovation

Transformational expertise

That technology development is accelerating is a given, but how do we begin to understand how it will impact us? It requires dedicated expertise in various fields of science, combined with domain knowledge. Our long-term research programmes are intended to help prepare our customers and ourselves for the future by generating new knowledge in key technology areas that have a long-term impact on the industries we serve.

DNV GL continues to devote 5% of its revenue to investments in strategic research, technology development and innovation efforts to better prepare our customers and ourselves to tackle the many transformations unfolding in today’s business environment.

Group technology and research

Current research activities are directed towards facilitating sustainable, integrated energy solutions, mastering digital technologies and facilitating safe, secure and efficient operation of cyber physical systems as well as exploring future profitable business and delivery models. We constantly evaluate the impact of our findings on our customers and their markets, and tailor our research programmes to respond to developing trends.

Our research portfolio

  • Maritime — research and innovation that contributes to safer, smarter and greener shipping, while preparing DNV GL for future developments in technology and regulations
  • Ocean space — building knowledge, methods and tools in support of the sustainable management of ocean-based industries
  • Energy transition — helping DNV GL and its stakeholders to understand and accelerate the transformation in the energy landscape
  • Artificial Intelligence — developing knowledge and prototypes based on AI, in the areas of computer vision for inspection and advanced IoT device assurance
  • Digital assurance — exploring new digital technologies and developing methods and technologies to master the assurance of complex and intelligent systems
  • Oil and Gas — helping to position DNV GL at the forefront of risk-based and model-centric services on a system level
  • Power and Renewables — building competence, methods and tools to achieve competitive advantage and prepare DNV GL for the future of the rapidly changing energy industry
  • Precision medicine — developing knowledge, technologies, and business models that contribute to the safe and sustainable clinical implementation of precision medicine to improve the quality of care for patients

Publishing our research

Our research programmes regularly issue position papers to highlight research findings and advance knowledge and progress on safer, smarter and greener operations. During 2019, a dozen position papers were published and shared broadly with the public.

Our most-read position papers in 2019:

Knowledge through collaboration

DNV GL leverages its role as an independent party with no vested interest in proprietary technologies or solutions by leading a range of joint industry projects (JIP). These projects link the private sector, academia and regulatory authorities to co-create technological solutions, and global rules, standards and guidelines.

Our research programmes are also staffed with experts on assignment from our business operations.

Learn more about our latest collaborative projects.

Our two main research publications in 2019

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