Customer satisfaction

Customer centricity in everything we do

Our vision: A trusted voice to tackle global transformations

Why it matters

Our success relies on maintaining strong relationships with our customers. We focus on delivering services that truly meet our customers’ needs, helping them solve problems, make the most of their opportunities and, ultimately, enhance their own business success.

We believe that a customer-centred approach – one that delivers excellent customer experiences and creates close, value-adding relationships – leads to competitive advantage. This ambition is at the heart of our strategy and each of our business areas is tasked with maintaining high customer satisfaction. We support our customer-focused approach with a business model that is based on trust and a commitment to never compromise on quality or integrity.

Progress in 2019

Each of our business areas measures customer satisfaction separately using measures that are suited to their services and market segment.

Maritime conducts an annual customer satisfaction survey. In 2019, the online survey received 2,000 responses from 940 customers. Overall, customer satisfaction is high with a rating of 5.46 out of seven (2018: 5.45). Customers again rated Maritime very highly on the core elements of service delivery and commercial interaction. Compared to 2018, customers’ appreciation of DNV GL’s platform, Veracity, and information provision has increased.

Oil & Gas measures individual customer satisfaction by conducting a survey with customers on project completion. Customers provide a rating from one to ten and, in 2019, the average score was 9 (2018: 9.1). However, the number of responses was quite low. Initiatives have been taken to increase the number of responses in 2020 to ensure that results better represent the customer base.

Energy has improved its annual customer relationship strength indicator (CRSI) among their key accounts from 64% in 2016 to 75% in 2019 (2018: 69%). This was right on target and shows very positive progress towards our target CRSI of 80% in 2020, which reflects our high ambitions for customer centricity.

Business Assurance conducts an annual online customer satisfaction survey and received around 10,000 unique answers in 2019. This provided a customer satisfaction index score of 5.14 out of 6, improving on the 2018 score of 5.09 and well above the threshold of full satisfaction.

Digital Solutions has improved its customer satisfaction score from 74% to 76% over the past two years. Nearly 1,000 customers responded to the satisfaction survey, representing approximately 35% of the customer base. Separately, project completion surveys show a satisfaction score of 87%.

Looking ahead

Improving customer satisfaction

In 2020, we will work to standardise and adopt best practice on how we seek customer satisfaction feedback across our five business areas. As the first year of implementation, 2020 will provide a baseline on overall satisfaction, preference of DNV GL over other suppliers, and recommendation across the company. One key objective is to gauge better how our customers rate their satisfaction and strength of their relationship with DNV GL overall, providing a strong leading indicator for our future business performance.

Brand strength

Maintaining the trust of our customers has enabled DNV GL to grow over its 155-year history. Continuing this is essential to sustaining our success in the future. To understand current levels of trust in DNV GL compared to our competitors, we carried out a global brand survey in 2018. We use the results to identify areas to maintain or improve our services. We plan to re-run the brand survey in the next 2–4 years.


A customer-centred approach to business is anchored in our 2020 business strategy. For DNV GL this approach means:

  • Putting our customers at the centre of our business to deliver services that truly meet their needs, help them solve problems and make the most of their opportunities.
  • Getting close to our customers, spending time with them, meeting them in their environment, and building business relationships based on trust.

Our aim is to continually serve our customers in a proactive and responsive way, including using digital solutions to improve their experiences and our cost competitiveness. We continue to focus on developing a more customer-centred working culture, one in which our commitment to customers drives a curiosity and desire to anticipate their needs.

The success of our customer-centred approach is measured by the value we create for the customer through projects, customer satisfaction and market share within our business areas.