We are the independent expert in risk management and quality assurance. Driven by our purpose, to safeguard life, property and the environment, we empower our customers and their stakeholders with facts and reliable insights so that critical decisions can be made with confidence. As a trusted voice for many of the world’s most successful organizations, we use our knowledge to advance safety and performance, set industry benchmarks, and inspire and invent solutions to tackle global transformations.

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How we make an impact

This decade will be defined by transformations. Digital technologies will increase exponentially, and our energy, food, healthcare and transport systems will all change immensely. Most importantly, this is the decade where humanity will succeed or fail to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Main services


We help enhance the safety, efficiency and sustainability of our customers in the global shipping industry, covering all vessel types and mobile offshore units.

Services include:

  • Classification of ships and mobile offshore units
  • Certification of materials and components 
  • Technical, safety, business risk and environmental advisory 
  • Training and competence-related services

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Main services

Supply Chain and Product Assurance

We support our customers’ response to the increased demand for trust and transparency around products, assets, supply chains and ecosystems, driving the transformation of the assurance industry

Services include:

  • Supply chain governance
  • Product assurance
  • Healthcare & medical technologies assurance
  • Verification
  • Offshore aquaculture classification and certification
  • Digital assurance

Main services

Energy systems

We help customers navigate the complex transition to a decarbonized and more sustainable energy future. We do this by assuring that energy systems work safely and effectively with – increasingly digital – solutions that focus on managing risks and opportunities and realizing our customers’ goals.

Services include:

  • Advisory
  • Digital monitoring
  • Certification
  • Verification

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Main services

Business Assurance

We help ensure compliance and improvement of our customers’ management systems performance and competence needs, covering all industries.

Services include:

  • Management system certification
  • Training and competence-related services
  • Product certification to industry specific standards

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Main services

Digital Solutions

We provide engineering software tools and enterprise solutions for managing risk, improving safety and performance across industries, including maritime, energy and healthcare.

Services include:

  • Generic and industry specific software
  • Tailored data analytics solutions
  • Digitalization and data management advisory

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Main services


We rapidly nurture successful businesses and services that will shape the future of assurance. The Accelerator operates a portfolio of units undergoing significant growth, chiefly through acquisitions and partnerships.

Our current portfolio:

  • Inspection: assuring quality of assets and supply chains across the lifecycle of industrial projects
  • Cyber Security: assessing and mitigating cyber risks facing critical infrastructure
  • Digital Health: establishing trust in the technologies, systems and data powering the digitalization of healthcare

Main services


Veracity delivers data platform services targeted to the maritime and energy sector, assisting organizations in utilizing data for a more energy efficient, safer and smarter operation.

Services include:

  • Data analytics services
  • Digital assurance services
  • IoT and OVD pipelines
  • Easy access to industry applications
  • Storage of high security data with secure sharing mechanisms
  • A combination of SaaS and custom-built solutions