We assist our customers in identifying, assessing and managing their most critical risks. We enhance their business performance by assessing and advising on safety, quality, technology, business and sustainability aspects. We certify or verify compliance and drive new standards, best practices and digital ecosystems. Our new organizational structure was introduced 1 February 2021. This report looks back at performance in 2020 across our previous business areas: Maritime, Energy, Oil & Gas, Business Assurance, and Digital Solutions.


From crisis to renaissance

The story of 2020 cannot be told without recognizing the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on shipping and the world. Solutions were needed to help the industry get moving again, to build confidence and to address the operational, strategic and regulatory challenges of the crisis.

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Oil & Gas

Supporting resilience and transformation

DNV supported the oil and gas value chain in proving safety, reliability and performance during a challenging year. Our Oil & Gas business area also focused on supporting the industry’s decarbonization efforts.

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Transition faster

During 2020, the renewable energy industry not only proved resilient but also saw a boost as wind and solar energy reached price parity with energy from other sources and renewable energy companies experienced a surge in investments.

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Business Assurance

Trust has never been more important

Sound management systems, supplier qualification programmes and product assurance are vital for companies to grow, but the pandemic has put all these under pressure.

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Digital Solutions

A step change in digitalization

The past year has put digitalization at the top of the agenda for everyone. Digital Solutions continued to build a position as a leading, global and trusted provider of software solutions, data analytics and platform services to complement our services to our core industries.

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Value to customers

Sustainable innovations

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