Digital Solutions

A step change in digitalization

The past year has put digitalization at the top of the agenda for everyone. Digital Solutions continued to build a position as a leading, global and trusted provider of software solutions, data analytics and platform services to complement our services to our core industries.

Looking ahead, our ability to enable our customers in digitalizing and managing business critical activities in a sustainable, safe and secure way through digital solutions will be extremely important.

Addressing scale and complexity in offshore wind projects

The global market for large-scale offshore wind farms is growing significantly. The engineering problems they present cannot be efficiently solved by traditional on-premise solutions. We deliver a range of analytical software as cloud services that can deal with engineering problems of unprecedented scale and complexity. In 2020, we established OneCompute as a common cloud computing platform, capable of providing any of our analytical applications as scalable services. Our software products Bladed and Sesam released new versions on the platform this year to streamline the floating offshore wind structural design process.

We also secured a contract for Bladed with Goldwind in 2020, building on a 20-year relationship with this world-leading provider of wind turbine technology and energy solutions.

Vessel traffic solution for Neptune Energy

Our innovative Offshore Operations Monitoring Service, built on Microsoft Azure and Power BI technology, was delivered to Neptune Energy in 2020. Our developers built this cost-saving solution in a matter of weeks. Neptune Energy uses the dashboard solution to organize and visualize the short-term and long-term planning of vessel traffic at the Gjøa offshore platform and surrounding areas, thus improving coordination with subcontractors. The solution identifies possible conflicts and creates awareness and visibility for all parties when planning for the next few hours, days, weeks or months of traffic. The service builds on our existing capabilities, integrating project planning data, weather data and AIS data (Automatic Identification System data from vessel transponders) into site maps, and is available through the Veracity data platform.

The Veracity industry platform drives maritime digital transformation

Veracity users accessing StormGeo’s weather intelligence services in the Veracity marketplace can use the data to navigate, plan routes and optimize their voyages. In 2020, StormGeo and DNV signed a Memorandum of Understanding to drive digitalization and data standardization in the maritime industry. The integration of StormGeo’s fleet performance management and weather intelligence solution into Veracity will help optimize ship operations.

Veracity now supports the ISO 19848 data standard for shipboard machinery and equipment. The integration with this standard enables Veracity customers to effectively collect, store and analyse sensor data using the platform. Easy-to-use data in a standard format allows more innovation and a faster time to market for valuable services.

Assurance of digital assets

Through our recommended practices (RPs) for the assurance of digital assets, we are helping to build trust in data, data science and digital twins. In 2020, we published a machine learning recommended practice, RP 0510 Framework for assurance of data-driven algorithms and models.

Its methodology and checklist help users of machine learning to systematically assess the development process, the model and the risk of using the model as intended. This recommended practice is part of a suite of RPs and assurance documents targeting digital assets, including RPs on data quality assessment frameworks, the qualification and assurance of digital twins and the most recent RP on the assurance of sensor systems.

The recommended practices are based on internal expertise and feedback from key customers, consulting companies and experts in the field, and are freely available for download.

The Synergi Pipeline SaaS app helps prevent over-pressurization

Distribution gas utility operators are seeking solutions that can help prevent major over-pressurization incidents caused by critical regulator station failure. In 2020, Digital Solutions released the Synergi Pipeline SaaS app. This app proactively identifies over-pressurization risks in gas distribution systems, and warns the operator that action must be taken to relieve pressure. The app was successfully piloted by two customers and fully commercialized by the end of 2020.

Veracity is DNV’s independent data platform and industry eco-system with more than 200,000 users.

Solutions available on Veracity

In 2020, Digital Solutions permitted short-term access to Phast software on the Veracity platform. This allows customers to purchase the software quickly and easily when they need to investigate spills and leaks at process plants and refineries.

Phast is used to model and examine the progress of potential incidents at industrial sites. Customers can study the accidental spread and evaporation of liquid and gas hazardous materials, including their flammable and toxic effects. This helps customers to mitigate incidents by identifying where they should focus their efforts to contain the hazard. More software will be made available in the Veracity marketplace in 2021 and beyond.

Cyber security in challenging circumstances

Cyber security is an increasingly important topic for maritime and offshore industries due to the rapid digital transformation and as a consequence of emerging threats. In 2020, Digital Solutions provided cyber security advisory services to Rosenberg WorleyParsons for the Jotun A project and Equinor for the Martin Linge project. Security testing on cruise ships has also increased despite the severe depression in the cruise industry. In the public domain, DNV assisted the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection with cyber security for the emergency telecommunications network.

Digital Solutions’ Cyber Security Services grew significantly in 2020 despite challenging circumstances. The year resulted in healthy profits, with sales significantly above target. In addition to providing independent cyber security advice, DNV offers security domain knowledge of IT and industrial control systems.