Research and Innovation

Beneficial and safe use of digital technologies

We explore key technology areas through our research programmes to help transform the industries we serve. We devote 5% of our revenue to strategic research, technology development and innovation to prepare our customers and ourselves to tackle the transformations ahead.

Our research on assuring digital technologies continues to enable their beneficial and safe operation. This year, we focused on autonomous ship technology, power grid control systems and the simulation technology which is necessary to create the evidence for assurance cases. We continued development of artificial intelligence technology to enhance our services and explored new business opportunities in aquaculture and precision medicine.

We see a tougher business environment, faster uptake of digital technologies, acceptance of new ways of interacting, but also concerns related to resilience in supply chains. We also expect increased investment in healthcare and food systems.

Publishing our research

The energy transition is a first order issue for long term investors, and your ETO is one of the leading independent studies that helps us to understand how it is likely to evolve.”
- Nick Stansbury Legal & General

Our experts and scientists regularly publish reports and positions papers to share our findings. We make these findings freely available to contribute to advancing knowledge and progress for all.

Our most-read position papers in 2020:

Our most-read report:

The Outlook presents the results from our model of the energy system through to 2050, enabling our customers and other stakeholders to make informed decisions to adapt to changing business circumstances caused by the transition.

Our Outlook shows a rapid energy transition ahead, and by 2050 we expect to see an energy mix split roughly equally between fossil and non-fossil sources, taking into account expected developments in policies, technologies and associated costs.

“ I think your report is very necessary because it is aggressive but realistic.”
- Fransisco Simavilla, Iberdrola

There is a massive, ongoing electrification of the global energy system; where electricity is less than 20% of the energy mix today, it will more than double its share by 2050.

Our widely referenced Energy Transition Outlook has been downloaded more than 120,000 times.

Battery AI - Data driven insights on battery health

The Artificial Intelligence Research Centre and our battery experts in Energy Systems have developed a new tool that enables customers to predict battery performance under dynamic conditions.

Using battery test data, a new algorithm was developed to predict battery degradation. The algorithm takes into account charging-rate, temperature changes and operating conditions.

The Battery AI tool helps customers identify the optimal battery size and type for given applications such as co-locating with solar and wind farms. It enables customers to plan their energy storage needs and reduces the risk of unsatisfactory battery performance.