Value to employees


Why it matters

We have almost 12,000 employees worldwide who represent the face of DNV towards our customers and other stakeholders. Our people are central to the relationships we have with our customers, helping develop trust through their technical ability, integrity and personal conduct.

Our values – WE CARE, WE DARE, WE SHARE – are beliefs that shape our performance. These ideals are the behaviours expected of all of us and are important for achieving our purpose and vision.

Attracting, retaining and developing people who are committed to our purpose, vision and values is fundamental to our success.

Diversity within our workforce supports our goal of delivering excellence, and we recruit the best people regardless of their background. This is backed up by an attractive employee value proposition and varied development and career opportunities. By continuously developing our people’s competencies, we enhance the expertise we offer to our customers.

Progress in 2020

2020 became a very different year than was expected at the end of 2019. For DNV, the COVID-19 pandemic presented immediate and different challenges across our operations and organization. Our focus throughout the year has been to address these immediate challenges. Our first priority has been ensuring the health and safety of our people, while at the same time ensuring the longer-term development of DNV and our employees. The lockdowns around the world had major impacts on employees’ work patterns, but the timing and extent of these differed between countries depending on type of work and lockdown rules.

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Case study

People analytics

We have strengthened our capabilities with people analytics and have plans to improve them further to deliver better insights into our organization. Our objectives are twofold: make relevant people data from various sources around DNV available to internal stakeholders in a consistent, timely and user-friendly manner; and use deeper analysis of people data as a basis for business decisions and predictions.

Using people analytics, data is customized according to the need of the user, while also respecting personal data protection. The main platform we use is Power BI and examples of data and dashboards provided include demographic information, turnover data, Pulse survey results, performance statistics and salary statistics.

By combining data from different sources, we are able to enhance our analysis and predictions. One example is combining data trends from Pulse surveys and employee turnover data (numbers and exit interviews) to predict future employee turnover. Another is to investigate the impact of team and leadership diversity on employee engagement.

Looking ahead, we have developed a roadmap with targets for developing our people analytics capabilities. In 2021, we will combine this data with data from other functions, such as financial performance, to provide further analysis and predictions.

Looking ahead

We launched our new business strategy in January 2021, which includes a new organization structure for the DNV Group. We will run various initiatives throughout 2021 to embed the new strategy and implement the organizational changes. This will lead to a further review of our current people policies, principles and processes to ensure they are aligned with, and support, our new vision, values and strategy. Our new profit share scheme will also be rolled out.

Our new strategy includes the following people initiatives: 

  • Explore new ways of working to facilitate global utilization of talent to our competitive advantage 
  • Renew approaches to employer branding, career model, up-skilling and continuous learning, performance management and accountability, recognition and compensation 
  • Renew leadership development for purpose-led and future-fit leadership 
  • Strengthen our approach to diversity and inclusion, enabling our people to be at their best and fulfil their potential.

Work will continue to increase the resilience and the agility of both DNV and its employees. The ‘We Care’ approach taken to support employees during the pandemic will be continued. We will continue to measure the engagement, transformation and resilience of the organization through our Pulse surveys.


As a professional services provider, we rely on the knowledge and skills of our people to deliver our products and services. We strive to foster a company culture with people who are committed to our purpose, vision and values.

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