Value to society

Sustainable procurement

Why it matters

As a global organization, DNV is supported by a global network of subcontractors and suppliers to deliver our products and services effectively. It is important for us to build a sustainable supply chain to ensure smooth business operations globally and to support our commitment to business ethics and the environment.

We expect all suppliers to adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct and to ensure that their operations and activities are in line with DNV’s sustainability objectives.

Progress in 2020

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Looking ahead

We will continue to embed our global procurement programme in 2021. The programme establishes common processes, tools and systems for the whole company with the aim of improving the efficiency, quality and digitalization of procurement. Although a number of elements of the programme were delayed due to COVID-19, the key objectives remain:

  • Set up a standardized procurement process and templates across DNV – in 2021, we will launch our procurement guide, which was developed in 2020 
  • Pilot and roll out a purchase-to-payment software system and contract management tool that combines supplier and contract management – we will pilot the software in Poland in 2021 and roll this out globally following a successful pilot 
  • Improve supplier assessment, monitoring and management to ensure compliance with DNV governance documents.

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Our suppliers must adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct and consider how they can support our sustainability goals in their own operations. We work closely with our suppliers and monitor their progress towards more sustainable operations through our global procurement programme, which includes systematic and standardized procurement policies and processes across the company.

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