We assist our customers in identifying, assessing and managing their most critical risks. We enhance their business performance by assessing and advising on safety, quality, technology, business and sustainability aspects. We certify or verify compliance and drive new standards, best practices and digital ecosystems. Our new organizational structure was introduced 1 February 2021. This section looks back at performance and highlights in 2021 across our six business areas: Maritime, Energy Systems, Digital Solutions, Business Assurance, Supply Chain and Product Assurance and The Accelerator.


Tackling the grand challenge of our time

Throughout 2021, both internal and external pressure built on shipping around the key issue of decarbonization.

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Energy Systems

Fast-tracking the energy transition

In 2021, DNV combined its Oil & Gas and Power & Renewables (Energy) businesses into one new business area called Energy Systems.

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Digital Solutions

Transitioning through digitalization

Digital Solutions continued to build a position as a leading, global, and trusted provider of software and enterprise solutions, helping customers digitalize and manage business critical activities.

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Business Assurance

Assuring business continuity and resilience

Due to the pandemic and growing demands to ensure business continuity and mitigate risks, companies are further investing in their management systems to assure robust and sustainable operations.

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Supply Chain and Product Assurance

Building trust through digital assurance

The Supply Chain and Product Assurance business area was carved out from Business Assurance at the beginning of 2021.

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The Accelerator

Accelerating growth in assurance

Established in February 2021, The Accelerator is a new business area dedicated to rapidly growing targeted business units that will shape the future of assurance.

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