Our customer strategy

Data privacy and security

Our ambition and objectives

We are at the beginning of a decade that will be defined by transformations to many of our global systems – energy, transport, healthcare and food – and digital technology will be central to most of these. Automation, electrification, artificial intelligence and internet of things are just a few of the areas that will accelerate rapidly. Our strategy responds to these trends and aims to deliver future-fit services that are digital, automated and data driven. Alongside the benefits of worldwide digitalization there are digital security and data protection risks to manage. Increased cyber threats and high-profile hacking cases show the need for constant vigilance across our business. We invest widely in systams and awareness raising to manage our data security and protect personal data. 

DNV is also making significant investment to support our customers in managing emergent cyber security risks. DNV provides real-world cyber security expertise to some of the world’s most complex infrastructure projects, helping customers identify their cyber risks, build powerful defence against threats, recover from attacks and win stakeholder trust and support. To read more, see The Accelerator section.

Progress in 2021

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Looking ahead

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