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Our almost 12,000 employees represent the face of DNV towards customers and other stakeholders all over the world, every day. The relationships we develop with our customers are based on trust in our technical ability and the integrity and personal conduct of our people. Our values — WE CARE, WE DARE, WE SHARE — are beliefs that shape our performance and define the behaviours expected of all of us. 

Attracting, developing and retaining motivated people who are committed to our purpose, vision and are key enablers of our success and a core pillar of our 2025 strategy. We strive to be an employer where our people can grow and develop their careers, build their skill-sets and share in our success. Diversity within our workforce is a source of strength for DNV. We welcome a wide range of backgrounds and demographic diversity, including a diversity of perspectives, mindsets and experiences. Inclusion provides a culture where everyone’s voice is heard and employees feel valued and respected, which creates a sense of belonging. By encouraging diversity and inclusion, we are able to attract and retain exceptional people around the world and deliver excellence to our customers. In DNV, we believe great things happen when people come together.

Progress in 2021

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Case study - Devising a new approach to diversity and inclusion

Like many other companies, DNV is currently broadening the definition of diversity and recognizing the importance of inclusion and belonging as a way to unlock the potential and benefits of diversity in the workplace. 

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) have always been important to DNV, but with the launch of our new strategy in 2021, its strategic importance is clearer than ever. Diversity relates to our collective backgrounds and characteristics, as well as our different perspectives and mindsets. Inclusion is about building a culture of belonging and ensuring all viewpoints are heard and valued. While diversity means different things to different people – from gender and ethnicity to sexual orientation or professional and personal experiences – inclusion is important to every employee. It is what unifies us and connects us across the globe. Inclusion is about everyone being respected and accepted for who they are. 

Following an inclusive leadership training for our Executive Committee in early 2021, we launched an engagement exercise across DNV to understand what D&I means to our people, what DNV does well and where we can improve. We organized 24 online workshops in 16 different locations, collecting hundreds of comments, reflections and suggestions on how DNV could further strengthen D&I. 

The outcome of the engagement and subsequent analysis is our new ambition for D&I, which sets the direction and focus for the company. We are aware that our goals are ambitious and will take time to deliver, but by targeting year-on-year improvements we will improve our understanding as we measure progress towards our ambition. 

The next part of our journey is about implementation, ensuring that the action we take supports our ambition and targets. It is about embedding D&I into everything we do, every day. Our initial focus in 2022 will be on incorporating D&I into leadership and building knowledge and awareness on D&I in DNV. We have a range of supporting initiatives in the three areas of our ambition, many of which came from employees’ ideas, the Executive Committee and existing best practice.

Looking ahead

Our strategy outlines three strategic goals that relate to our people:

  • Exceptional people – attract and retain the best people in a purpose-led environment 
  • Purpose-led and future-fit leadership 
  • Resilient and safe working environment. 

For 2022, ongoing initiatives linked to our new strategy will continue and new initiatives will be started as we review and refine our people policies, principles and processes to ensure they are aligned with, and support, our new vision, values and strategy. The initiatives include support for talent attraction, retention, and development.

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Metrics and data

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