Our sustainability strategy

Sustainable supply chain

Our ambition and objectives

Our approach to sustainability extends beyond our own operations and into our supply chain. It is important for us to build a sustainable supply chain to ensure smooth and efficient business operations globally, and to support our commitment to business ethics and the environment. 

All suppliers are expected to adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct and to ensure that their operations are in line with DNV’s sustainability objectives. We regularly audit suppliers for compliance against the environmental, social and human rights requirements of our Code. 

We work closely with the DNV environment team to ensure our procurement processes and facilities management support and deliver our environmental goals, especially relating to energy usage in our offices and our carbon footprint.

Progress in 2021

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Looking ahead

We will continue the procurement lighthouse project to standardize the procurement process and clarify roles and responsibilities for indirect procurement. Our focus on making sustainability an important factor in selecting suppliers will also continue. We will start the global roll out of our new cloud-based purchase-to-pay software in 2022, to increase governance, transparency and compliance throughout the procurement process.

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Our suppliers must adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct and consider how they can support our sustainability goals in their own operations. We work closely with our suppliers and monitor their progress towards more sustainable operations through our global procurement programme, which includes systematic and standardized procurement policies and processes across the company.

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